Momona Yamagami

HCI Researcher - Postdoctoral Researcher

Headshot of a person with round glasses and short, black hair standing in front of a fountain.

I am an incoming Assistant Professor at Rice University Electrical & Computer Engineering starting summer 2023 as part of the Digital Health Initiative. My research focuses on modeling and enhancing human-machine interaction (HMI) to support accessibility and health using biosignals and control theory applied to the field of HCI (human-computer interaction). I am currently a CREATE postdocoral scholar at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, advised by Prof. Jennifer Mankoff.

My dissertation research leveraged control theory methods to model and enhance continuous HMIs and explore biosignals like electromyography (EMG) as accessible machine inputs for people with and without disabilities. My current research interests include how multi-input biosignals can improve HMI accessibility for new and emerging technology like virtual reality and support the health of people with disabilities.

I have received fellowships from the University of Washington Institute for Neuroengineering and the University of Washington College of Engineering. I am a 2021 University of Washington College of Engineering Student Research Award recipient. My postdoctoral research is funded by Meta Research and CREATE .


Two-in-One: A Design Space for Mapping Unimanual Input into Bimanual Interactions in VR for Users with Limited Movement
M Yamagami, S Junuzovic, M Gonzalez Franco, J Porter, E Ofek, E Cutrell, A Wilson, M Mott
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"That's Frustrating": Perceptions of Ankle Foot Orthosis Provision, Use, and Needs Among People with Cerebral Palsy and Caregivers
NL Zaino, M Yamagami, DJ Gaebler-Spira, KM Steele, KF Bjornson, HA Feldner
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Effect of Handedness on Learned Controllers and Sensorimotor Noise During Trajectory-Tracking
M Yamagami, LN Peterson, D Howell, E Roth, SA Burden
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Virtual Reality Doorway and Hallway Environments Alter Gait Kinematics in People with Parkinson Disease and Freezing
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Effects of Virtual Reality Environments on Overground Walking in People with Parkinson Disease and Freezing of Gait
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Decoding Intent With Control Theory: Comparing Muscle Versus Manual Interface Performance
M Yamagami, KM Steele, SA Burden
CHI (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), 2020 | Video

Experiments with Sensorimotor Games in Dynamic Human/Machine Interaction
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Assessment of Dry Epidermal Electrodes for Long-Term Electromyography Measurements
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Contributions of Feedforward and Feedback Control in a Manual Trajectory-Tracking Task
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(undergraduate research) Protease-Activatable Adeno-Associated Virus Vector for Gene Delivery to Damaged Heart Tissue
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(undergraduate research) Efficiency of Protease-Activatable Virus Nanonodes Tuned Through Incorporation of Wild-Type Capsid Subunits
ML Ho, J Judd, BE Kuypers, M Yamagami, FF Wong, J Suh
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 2014


Control System Analysis I

ECE 447, UW

This is a senior-level control system course focusing stability of feedback systems by root locus and frequency-response methods at the University of Washington. I was a teaching assistant for this class in Fall 2019 (in-person), Spring 2020 (virtual) and was an instructor during Spring 2021 (virtual).

Machine Learning

Pro Unlimited at Apple

I was a teaching assistant for Machine Learning Foundations, Regression, Classification, and Clustering and Retrieval classes for Apple employees from 2019-2020. I supported the courses by answering student questions, hosting office hours, and developing additional questions to expand and improve the courses.